President İlham Aliyev: "We are protecting and will continue to protect the temples of all religions, let no-one doubt that"

/ 15.01.2021 / 17:27

 “We are protecting and will continue to protect the temples of all religions. Let no-one doubt that. The history of our independence and the pre-independence history showed that.” Said President Ilham Aliyev after visiting the Saatli Mosque in the city of Shusha. 

 “The sites of all religions are protected in our country – churches, synagogues, including an Armenian church in the center of Baku, are protected and repaired by the state. What did they do? When I was in Zangilan, I made a speech outside a local mosque, with only walls left of it. I appealed to the people of Azerbaijan and said what they have done. Addressing the international organizations, I said, come and see this, prepare a report here, not in your cabinets. Don't believe the false information of the Armenian leadership and its patrons. Come and see with your own eyes what they have done to our mosques. They repaired the Yukhari Govharagha Mosque with a foreign company only to create an image. We do not need this repair. This repair is a symbol of hypocrisy. It is intended to create the impression that the Armenian leadership repairs mosques. Unfortunately, the company of a certain country was involved in these ugly deeds”, - the head state mentioned.

President Ilham Aliyev said: “Of course, the repair of the Yukhari Govharagha Mosque is unacceptable because they came to our lands illegally without our permission, stayed here for months and allegedly repaired this mosque in collaboration with the Armenian criminal junta. We do not need such repairs, let no-one be deceived, no-one should fall for this. We will repair and rebuild all our mosques, and the whole world must see what the hated enemy has done to our holy temples”.

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